Unauthorized Beach Gathering Promptly Addressed by Long Beach Authorities

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Long Beach City Council President Brendan Finn issued a statement regarding an unauthorized beach gathering planned for today, warning that such chaos will not be tolerated in the City. The administration responded promptly by fully staffing the police department and collaborating with New York State Police, Nassau County, and MTA Police to ensure a strong law enforcement presence in the city, including at the LIRR Train Station. The County Executive, Bruce Blakeman, showed support by walking the boardwalk, along with Congressman Anthony D’Esposito and other government partners.

Detectives were able to identify and warn the promoters of the event, threatening them with civil and criminal repercussions and holding them liable for any costs incurred by the City. A temporary restraining order was obtained through the court. Various city services and workers, including police, firefighters, lifeguards, ticket booth staff, beach staff, and the CSEA, were involved in securing the city and supporting the response effort.

The City Manager, Council Members, and staff were actively present across the city to ensure comprehensive monitoring and protection for residents. Long Beach officials reiterated their commitment to safeguarding the community against unauthorized activities that threaten the peace and order of the City.

Source: City of Long Beach, New York (OFFICIAL) | Long Beach NY | Facebook

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