Joe Nardella's Perfect Faceoff Record Boosts Maryland Whipsnakes

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In a recent game against Philadelphia, Albany FireWolves player Joe Nardella achieved a perfect 31-for-31 faceoff record. This outstanding performance contributed to the Maryland Whipsnakes' overtime victory. Nardella's dominance in faceoffs played a key role in the team's success during the match.

Source: Albany FireWolves

Source Type: Sports

Source Location: Albany

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Jun 19, 2024 at 4:22 PM Sports

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NACo 2024 Conference in Albany Promotes Collaborative Advocacy for Smart Policies.

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Albany Institute: Kay Sage painting lent to The Hyde Collection.

Kay Sage's Surrealist painting loaned to The Hyde Collection for exhibition "A Long Affair: Surrealism 1924 to Now" after being acquired by Albany Institute of History & Art.

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Albany Airport offers group getaways to multiple destinations.

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Artwork for luxury train "New" Empire State Express shared.

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Sunrise departure of Southwest Airlines' "Imua One" to Chicago

Southwest Airlines' special livery aircraft "Imua One," dedicated to Hawaii, departs Albany International Airport for Chicago, with its design and significance detailed at, captured in a photo by David Montiverdi.

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Albany Technical College Launches Critical Care Paramedic Program

Albany Technical College in Georgia introduces Critical Care Paramedic Program to enhance paramedics' skills in critical care situations, as reported by the Georgia EMS Association.

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Albany Institute showcases unique Civil War-era playing cards.

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University at Albany students join NYC Pride Parade.

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Albany County Rail Trail enhancements unveiled; local artists involved

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Albany FireWolves wish players luck in Team Canada tryouts

Albany FireWolves players vying for Team Canada spots in World Lacrosse Box Championships.

Jul 1, 2024 at 4:57 PM Sports